Su Hubei Province college entrance examination two to reduce disputes of education resources in our country how to reasonable allocation in this assessment media

ring perception can subscribe to! These two days,
Hubei college entrance examination less recruit event has become a hot topic.
Due to the 2016 merit Jiangsu is to the central and western provinces output 38 thousand enrollment contest in Jiangsu province of Nanjing,
Suzhou and other places the parents of the students to the local education department put forward the petition,
and hoping to appeal to college enrollment fair.
Due to the collective aspirations of parents,
online segments of small video outflows,
topics 13 only in Jiangsu,
local discussions gradually warming up to 14,
the national public attention,
especially in the big WeChat group of Internet users to discuss heated.
At the same time,
Hubei province also appears similar circumstances,
boost public opinion heat rise.
two provinces Department of education through different channels to respond to the matter,
Jiangsu said that there is no reduction strokes problem,
while Hubei promised to do four,
no less

We appreciate the fact that Apple has invested billion in its internal letter...

ring agues,
our views on Apple strategic investment are dropping.
we get the strategic investment of Apple10 billion dollars,
and Im sure everyone knows.
Seeing the news again is a bit of a shock as well as the pressure on the powerful rivals to finance huge sums of money again,
plus strategic investment from global technology leaders.
But calm down and rational thinking,
I have the following views: 1,
Apple in the field of travel the investment value of huge mobile travel service market again,
we live in a huge opportunity in the industry changes.
Opportunities like these are worth fighting for at any cost.
Apple strategic investment also shows that the travel service platform has the ability to change the ecological capacity of the automotive industry,
but also shows that as the car,
and even the music as the ecological and easy to the future of the depth of anti,
has broad prospects.
this also more firmly to our future to the future of the strategic design,
not only focus on the huge

New opportunities in the general trend of science and technology in 2020

ring  Internet sweeping more and more traditional industries,
understanding the general trend of the Internet era has become a survival skills.
For enterprises,
to understand the world trend,
scene planning,
rainy day,
and actively cope with the uncertainty of the future,
we can minimize business risk.
For individuals,
understanding the world trend is a core competency.
There have been trends in the past ten years: the explosion of online retail and e-commerce; the rise of social networks; growing concerns about environmental protection and sustainable development.
Some smell and follow the trend of early to become the industry leader in the company,
such as SIEMENSs infrastructure and city business model as its strong development direction; Facebook has a good response to the social needs of people; IBM successfully conducted business transformation,
become a solution the Amazon e-commerce providers; strong ability and is being implemented in hardware strategy.
To keep up with the trend

Counter attack change is constantly a little better than yesterday

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59 downhill rolling everything

ring s and then cock,
tanks overwhelmed,
take you to see what is called armored rolling,
what is called 59 down the mountain,
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what tank will you buy? From now on,
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16 concentrated regulatory token before and after the commodity futures business is not reduced, rising positions behind, hidden mystery?

ring nch Investment clock in the Chinese has turned into a fan: from the beginning of 2015 the stock market to the bond market to the property market to commodity currencies,
and then transferred to the recent commodity futures volume soared.
At the cusp of commodity futures also ushered in the most intensive supervision.
From March to April,
mild regulation flurry,
the futures market ushered in the series of regulatory tokens,
really too busy to attend to all.
What is the change in the commodity futures market from March to May? Under the 16 regulatory token,
commodity futures market prices,
although often down,
but turnover is not reduced,
rising positions,
what does that mean? Exchange fast,
accurate and relentless to cool the market into 2016,
commodity rebound,
many varieties of domestic futures market trading volume and turnover rate continues to rapidly increase,
the increased price volatility,
hit the limit occurs frequently,
the transaction overheating trend.
In this case,
the DCE,
ZCE and o

Known as the Porsche electric car Tesla killer everywhere is the advent of black Technology

ring ts of the public number: reprinted from the new design (ID:new4life) in the field of pure electric vehicles,
Tesla is the same as the existence of God,
but now a car is known as the electric car Tesla killer -- Porsche Mission E!! At the Frankfurt auto show,
the traditional old gun class sports car maker Porsche showed a Mission E electric sports car.
Chairman of the board of directors of Oliver Blume said: Porsche has opened a new chapter in the history of the car,
Mission E is expected to put into the market in 2020! Pure electric Mission E mileage of up to 500 km,
due to the use of 800V charging interface,
Mission E can be charged in 15 minutes to 80% of the electricity,
which is enough to maintain its life of 400 km.
Tesla now uses the 400V charging interface,
to reach the same 80% power,
it will take 1.
5 hours.
800V charging interface,
15 minutes: 80% can run 400 kilometers of power source output if youre not in a hurry can also choose a wireless inductive charging amounting to 600